Hi I’m Kerrie,

I live in the most Easterly point of the UK, with my husband James, 2 children Josh and Keira and not forgetting my 2 very spoiled dogs – Pughassa Charlie and French Bulldog Mollie.

During 2020 with Covid 19 spreading across the world in excessive rates it became more and more apparent with a heavy heart that my beloved 20+ year Corporate Travel Career would not be returning anytime soon. With an abundance of never before time on my hands, I decided I needed something new to focus on for my own well being.

What Do I Know?

Around 15 years ago I taught myself how to set up and run a travel based website and with this I learnt all about SEO, marketing and google paid ads. This got me thinking about how I could possibly incorporate those things that I had enjoyed, with working from home and most importantly to be able to successfully make money.

When I first started I was very rusty even with the skills I already had, technology and Google had changed way more that I thought over the years. But I didn’t let this put me off and I continued to put in the time and dedication to build a successful online path for myself.

I added skills to my portfolio as I brushed up my old ones by learning how to market my online business,  how to attract people to online digital products and more importantly how to build up an online Like-Know-Trust formula with my buyers.

The purpose of my Blog is to try and stop others making the mistakes I initially made when starting my online business and to help like minded people begin achieving their dreams of a Laptop Lifestyle.

When I first started online marketing there was so much information out there it was all a bit of an overload. I bounced from shiny object to shiny object as they say spending thousands of $$$$$ on courses and products that failed to deliver as they had promised.

Do I now know everything, has the training finished ? The answer to those questions is a definitive 100% NO.


What’s To Come?

I would love for you to join me on my Journey so I can share with you my past and future knowledge. Additional to this I will also be sharing digital product software and training reviews of new to the market products that I feel are of value and could help you solve an issue in your online business. I will also be sharing marketing news and adding my own how to training in the training section.


Thank You From Me

I want to say a big thankyou for taking the time to read my Journey so far and I look forward to sharing with you the next chapter!

All the best,