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Ministry Of Freedom Review (2.0)





The Ministry Of Freedom or MOF for short is seven figure affiliate Jono Armstrong’s flagship training programme which teaches you the A-Z of Affiliate Marketing  (specifically in the make money online niche)

The first thing you will want to do on signing up with Ministry Of Freedom is to join the MOF Facebook group.  Don’t panic as with my Bonus no 1 we will set up a 30 min welcome call and I will be on hand to get you started along with showing you around the system.


The support in the FB group is insane and this is where you will be able to connect with members like myself who have been using the beta test Ministry Of Freedom 1.0 programme and who are now making a income with putting what Jono teaches into practice. Plus with my Bonus no 2 you will receive in addition to the MOF support my personal 1-1 support as a member that has been through the programme.


Next on the training is the Q&A’s, currently there are five weekly and they are split as follow:


Monday 7pm EST (Jono)

Tuesday 11am EST (Marc – Organic & Launch Jacking)

Wednesday 4pm EST (Mo – Paid Traffic)

Thursday 1pm EST (Jonas)

Friday 11am EST (Zeeshan – Software & Launch Booster)


The Q&A’s are all viewable via a Zoom login and offer a chance for you to ask the MOF coaches anything you may be struggling with or just to listen to and pick up some helpful hints & tips. I myself have got some really great value from these calls and it has really helped me to accelerate my business. As a bonus if you can’t attend or want to re watch something they are all in the FB group on replay.


If you would prefer to watch my Ministry Of Freedom Review rather than reading then feel free to check this out below



Ministry Of Freedom Course Breakdown


All sections in the training are video recordings by Jono which allow you to work at your leisure and to re watch if needed any particular section.


Weeks 1 & 2:  These are mainly an introduction/overview from Jono, mindset training and then how to set up the tools that you need one by one with step by step instructions. Plus don’t forget you will have me on hand with Bonus no 2


Weeks 3 & 4: Launch Jacking – Jono explains launch jacking and shows you how to put this into action. In a nutshell Launch Jacking is promotional marketing for a new software/training product that you choose to promote. Jono shows you where to find the up and coming top offers and the best ones to look for. You then review the product with a YouTube Video, which Jono will then teach you how to put together with with his proven video review formula. This also covers the recording software you need and how to set this up and use it. Jono then shows you how to set up your YouTube Account if you don’t already have one, along with a hack on where to find an aged channel option. The last part is setting up your bonus page for which Jono will show you step by step where to get this software, guide you through the set up and how to make these pages as well. There is a cost for the bonus building software, but this tool is necessary to action the rotators and is about $90 for the year.  By adding in your affiliate links at key stages you will then be ready to publish your YouTube review for when people are searching for information about the new product launching and if they buy via your review you are paid a commission from the seller.


Don’t panic if you are non techy for any of the above as I mentioned its all video recordings which you can watch, pause, implement and re watch if necessary. I had very limited tech experience and I found with Jonos help I was up and running fast and you will have my Bonus no 2 to help you.


Another point to mention is after joining Ministry Of Freedom you will no longer have the problem of being a newbie affiliate and having your affiliate links rejected. Jono has such a high authority in the affiliate world that when you apply with his method you will have your links approved time and time again.


Week 5: Advanced Launch Jacking – Will show you how to run paid ads for your video reviews at a low cost. This will enable you to no longer have to reply on ranking your videos at the top of the YouTube search but still reach millions of potential buyers. Jono will teach you the method that he learnt for this method and took him to making $10,000 a month plus.


Week 6: Soft Launching – This week will teach you how to promote your own product, how to make a funnel, how to list it in Warrior+ etc so you can start creating and launching your own software/training products for other affiliates to promote.


Week 7: Email Marketing – Something you wont’s want to miss. Jono will teach you how to do this properly and the formula he uses to make 10.s of thousands of dollars from this free traffic formula. Once you start to grow your list, you then have buyers ready and waiting for your launches who like know and trust you. He shows you how to write converting emails what ever your language may be.


Week 8: Product Launching –  Jono will pay and arrange for a top affiliate to buddy up with you and launch a product. You can select the product, you will then recreate the product as your own and with the top affiliates help by them getting other affiliates on board for the launch, launch it for purchase. This super way to get fully into product launching without the upfront layout and financial risks involved with sales pages and start up fees, is also probably the fastest way to build your buyers list.


Week 9: Paid Traffic –This is where you get the chance to make a lot of money and where most Ministry Of Freedom members either advance to after Launch Jacking or head straight to on joining. Jono will give you full training and his proven method to get your ads converting, via a copy and paste process. If you have the budget upon joining I would definitely recommend you heading straight to week 9 paid traffic.


The Rotator – This is one of the best parts of  Ministry Of Freedom, as Jono basically pays you to earn while you learn, something no other affiliate marketing training programme allows you to do. The rotator in a nutshell is Jono pausing his business to send his traffic once a week to your affiliate link and all you have to do is make a review video of a software/training launch, Jono will advise which one it is for that particular week and its all on automation. It doesn’t cost you anything so basically its free money, how good is that!




The Cost of The Ministry Of Freedom is currently $1497

There is also an option of split payments where you can pay $797 at the time of sign up and then a further two more payments of $797 (a month apart from each other) totalling $2391.

I would strongly recommend for you to pay in full as you will be able to access Jono’s traffic rotator straight away to help you to earn while you learn. Also the one time payment will allow you to save approximately $1000.

All of this is covered by a 60 day money-back guarantee

(Rotators are available for full payment signups or once you have made your final instalment and for the first 90 days of your membership)



My Bonuses

When you purchase Ministry Of Freedom via my links on this review you will also receive my below bonuses for FREE. These will help to accelerate your journey in MOF and fill the voids that I found in the programme….


My MOF Journey

I joined Ministry Of Freedom late 2020 after many months of trying to make an online income by myself. I am a mum & wife based in the UK with very little tech and online experience apart from my iPhone, I didn’t even own a laptop when I joined.

During the beginning of the covid pandemic in 2020 having spent the past 20+ years in Corporate Travel I decided now was the time for me to start looking for a new revenue source where I could work from home, look after my family and generate a full time income. I spent thousands of $$$ in a few months on training and software’s that didn’t deliver as they had promised and left me getting very little return on my time and efforts.

When I found Ministry Of Freedom while watching yet another YouTube tutorial I was very sceptical of joining, as I had no previous tech experience, very little spare money to invest and I was worried it was just another programme that again would not deliver the results it promised.  What I did have was spare time on my hands and the want to make a change to my future.

What Jono said about the programme and his methods of explaining things got me intrigued to learn more and with the  60 day money back guarantee that Jono offers I decided I had nothing to loose but to give it one last try and invest in myself and my future.

I joined Ministry Of Freedom early November 2020 and my only regret is that I hadn’t found the programme earlier on in my search to make money online.

I found the training extremely well laid out and easy to follow, with all of the training on recorded videos, I was able to watch, pause, put into practice and repeat to follow the full course. I attended weekly Q&A calls to gain invaluable hints and tips on how to maximise my earnings and how to grow my business, I still attend these weekly now.

I committed any spare time I had away from my full time job and managed to start seeing results fast initially with Jono’s rotators and then organically from my reviews. I covered only weeks 1-4 in my first 60 days due to my 9-5  work commitments, but I still easily made back my initial investment of the course fees plus additional revenue, with only covering half of the course tutorials.

Ministry Of Freedom

I have now managed to leave my 9-5 job and am so happy being a full time digital nomad. I love the flexibility I now have by being able to support my family financially and to also very importantly to be able to decide as and when I work to fit around our family lifestyle.


I want to make it quite clear thought that If you are looking for a get rich quick / make money online overnight night scheme or if you plan to do the training and not take action then MOF is definitely not for you and there’s no point reading any further, there are plenty of online scams for you to check out, I know I’ve done a few.

However if you are looking to make a positive change by investing in yourself to start taking charge of your financial future then don’t hesitate.  The support and training is amazing and if you follow the training and take action from what Jono teaches you, then you will see results.

 You can get started right now on your road to financial security, gaining your time back as your own and with with no risk to yourself with the 60 day money back guarantee.

 If you are an action taker like me then I look forward to seeing you introducing yourself very soon in the Ministry Of Freedom Facebook page and following your results.

If you have any issues with the sign up or questions about joining then feel free to contact me below:

Facebook  (for messenger) or Email



Thanks for taking the time to check out my Ministry Of Freedom Review & bonuses


All the best

Kerrie Sillett

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